School Meals Menu

Free school meals are to be extended to all primary pupils. The expansion of this has been delayed so at the moment, Primary 6 and Primary 7 pupils will still pay for a lunch via ParentPay. The new updated lunch menu will start on Monday 28th August, 2023.

The price of a school meal is as follows:

Pupils in Primary 1- Primary 5 will continue to receive a free lunch.

Primary 6 and 7 will be charged £2.05.

Milk is charged at 29p.

If your child is in Primary 6 & 7 they may be entitled to a Free School Meal.

The menu from Monday 28th August is Primary School Lunch Menu 2023/24 and will start again at Week 1.


ELC (Nursery) meals are free of charge and will also change to the new menu on Monday 28th August and start again at Week 1. The menu is Nursery (ELC) Lunch Menu 2023/24