Important Information

General Information  

Telephone: 01555 662806

Email contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Headteacher                             Mrs Farah Crook                                                                                       

Depute Head Teacher               Miss Marguerite Elkin

Nursery Teacher                      Ms Julie Raeside

Early Years Team Leader         Mrs Karen Lyons                

Early Years Workers                Miss Yvonne Graham, Mrs Angel Anis, Mrs Elinor. Mackenzie

                *Please note: all members of staff working in this nursery have undertaken disclosure



Morning Session     8.45 – 11.55a.m.

Afternoon Session   1.00 – 4.10p.m.

We are able to offer a service to children aged 3 – 5 years.


We ask parents to complete forms for the following:

  1. An emergency contact number in case your child becomes unwell.   Germs spread quickly in the nursery, so if your child is sick, please keep them at home and phone the school office to let them know. Please update this in the event your number changes during the year.
  2. Medical information, including dietary requirements and/or allergies. Please remember to tell us of any changes throughout the year.
  3. Consent for outings. We go out in little groups for the occasional walk, these are always well supervised.   If we are going on a major day out, you will be notified. We will probably need your help!
  4. Consent to allow us to photograph or video your child in the course of their learning.

Our Main Aims
  1. To create a safe and stimulating environment in which every child feels secure, valued, confident and challenged.

  2. To actively engage our children by creating learning opportunities which encourage exploration, appreciation and respect his/her environment both indoors and out.

  3. To support children in discussion, planning and evaluation of their own learning experience and resources.

  4. To facilitate partnership working with parents/carers to develop the needs of every child and the ongoing work of our nursery.


Promoting Positive Behaviour

We will work together with you, the parents/carers to promote positive behaviour. Behaviour which may harm other children is not acceptable. Our staff promotes and supports talking and reasoning to sort out differences between children.  Children will be encouraged to be polite and show consideration and respect for others as part of our whole school Rights Based Learning Programme and will be involved in ongoing discussion to resolve any issues and as a reminder of expected behaviours.

Any accidents and/or incidents will be recorded and reported appropriately.

If your child shows signs of having been upset at nursery, please take a minute to discuss this with his/her key worker.

Settling In

The children begin nursery on different days in small groups.   We hope this helps them to settle in more quickly.   However, if a child is upset or tearful, a parent/carer is welcome to stay with the child for a while.  You are welcome to telephone us (school number) if you are concerned at any time about how your child is settling in.


We ask for a donation of £3.00 per week, paid on Wednesdays. This allows us to buy a wide variety of food items to offer as our daily healthy snack. Water and milk are provided.

Our children brush their teeth in nursery, working in partnership with the Childsmile initiative as part of our health education.   Each child is provided with his/her own toothbrush.

Any monies left from snack we use for ‘extras’ such as subsidising outings, gifts at special times, visiting groups and materials for outdoors.


We hope you and your child finds his/her learning experience within the nursery stimulating, challenging and enjoyable. Please talk to us about any worries or questions you may have.

We look forward to working with you to achieve our aims and when you wish to become more involved in helping us with any of our activities, please talk to any of our staff.

We operate a no smoking policy in the grounds of Lanark Primary School & Early Learning and Childcare Setting in line with South Lanarkshire Council.