Pupil Council

Mrs Crook leads the Pupil Council

Our aims are:

  • Decide on Children’s Aims for our curriculum (what we learn and teach)
  • Write a Child Friendly Improvement Plan
  • To take a lead in improving HWB across the school (linked to Improvement Plan)
  • Share with parents the work of the PLTs.

Molly D (P7)

Darren T (P7)

Keira S (P7)

Tyla C (P6)

Isla R (P6)

Casey G (P6)

Hollie McL (P5)

Arden M (P5)

Cassie T (P5)

Elliot B (P4)

Aidan D (P4)

Maisey D (P3)

Freya G (P3)

Eve N (P3)