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School Improvement Planning

We include a standing item in each month’s newsletter, detailing some of our School Improvement Work. This month, we would like to share some of the work carried out by our Pupil Leadership Teams (PLTs).

We have had a range of class and 'across class' PLTs this session. Learners have worked together on a number of important issues whilst developing their Teamwork, Communication and Problem-Solving Skills.

  • Room 1 have worked together to make instructional videos to show the other classes how they can use Yoga as a relaxation technique.
  • Room 2 have led our Emotion Works developments, sharing ideas for how the Cogs can be used across the ELC and school.
  • Room 3 have led our French work- sharing a French Phrase of the Week at our assemblies as well as displaying ideas in French around the school.
  • Room 4 have been our super signers, sharing the BSL signs each week at assembly.
  • Room 5 have worked together to share how we can help others by buying Fairtrade products. They shared their learning at a class showcase and ensured that the school retains its FairActive Award.
  • Room 6 have led on our Developing the Young Workforce Keyskills, sharing how these can be supported across our learning experiences.
  • Room 7 have been our Sports Leaders this session, helping to arrange and lead a number of sporting activities
  • Room 8 have continued with the great work from last year which helped us gain our Reading Schools Silver Award. They have been putting the finishing touches to the Reading Schools- Gold Award application. Good luck!
  • Room 9 have led on our Digital Schools work, including helping younger learners with their ICT, organising and checking digital resources and beginning the Digital Schools application process.
  • Room 10 have led on our Equalities work, this year raising Autism Awareness as well as helping to challenge Sectarianism through the Nil By Mouth Project.

There have also been a number of PLTs which have had members from across our classes working together. These have included the ECO, Gardening, Junior Road Safety Officers, Kindness Council, St. Andrew's Ambassadors, School Improvement and of course our House and Vice-House Captains!

Well done to all our pupils for their hard work across the session!

Sports Week at Lanark PS & ELC

In sporting news, we are planning on holding our Sports Week from Monday 29th May to Friday 2nd June.

On Monday 29th June, the school will hold their Potted Sports event in the playground from 1.30pm-2.30pm approx. (weather permitting). Parents/carers are welcome to attend. You can enter via the 'bottom' playground gate once it is open and should stand in the allocated viewing area. Again, please do not encourage your child to leave their place with the class if you are attending.

The classes will plan for a number of sporting events over the week, including traditional Sports Day races. These will take place as and when suits the class, available staffing and most importantly the weather!

The ELC will hold their Sports Day on Thursday 1st June at 1.30pm in the MUGA (weather permitting). Parents/Carers can attend and will enter via the 'bottom' gate once open.

For ease, children can attend in sportswear all week.

Transition Events

Over the past few weeks we have welcomed our future P1s to visit the school and classroom. We have spoken with parents  and carers and given children the opportunity to meet key staff from the school and other children from across a range of ELCs. On their final visit, the children will meet their buddies and have an opportunity to explore our outdoor spaces.  We can't wait to welcome them!

Some of our P7s have already enjoyed some visits to Lanark Grammar School as part of their Transition Programme. Mr Crawford from the Maths Department visited last week for the Enterprise Challenge- well done to the winning group - Group 2! Our P7s will also soon enjoy visits from the Modern Languages and Pupil Support Departments. Their two-day visit will take place on the 14th and 15th June.

End of Term Services

This year, we have have arranged both an ELC and P7 Graduation as well as a Prize-Giving Ceremony for the end of the session. Dates were issued as part of the Important Dates Information sent last month but please find below as a reminder:

The Prize-Giving Ceremony will take place on Friday 16th June at 9.45am in the School Hall.

Three children from each room have been nominated by their class teacher(s) to receive special recognition for the session, with reasons shared on the day.  Letters with tickets have already been issued. This will be a whole school event. Congratulations to all those nominated!

The P7 Graduation will take place on Monday 19th June at 1.30pm in the School Hall.

Parents/Carers have received a letter with additional details and an allocation of 'tickets' for the event. Siblings in the ELC/School will also attend. There will be refreshments served afterwards with an opportunity for extra photographs.

The ELC Graduation will take place on Thursday 22nd June at 1.30pm in the School Hall.

Parents/Carers can attend without tickets. Siblings in the ELC/School will also attend. There will be refreshments served afterwards with an opportunity for extra photographs. Please let Mrs Lyons know how many seats per graduating learner are needed for the event.

Parent Council Rainbow Summer Raffle 2023

The LPS Parent Council are looking for donations to make hampers in the designated colour of your child’s year group.

"We hope that the hampers will be fun for children and adults so please be as creative as you wish. Examples of donations include sweets, toys, games, crisps, toiletries, books, chocolates".

Please hand in donations by Friday 2nd June

Raffle tickets for the hampers will be available from Monday 5th –Thurs 22nd June at £1 a ticket

The draw will be made on Friday 23rd June 2023 

ELC/P1 – Red/Pink

P2/3 – Blue/Purple

P4/5 – Green/Black/White

P6/7 – Yellow/Orange

Our Vision & Aims

Our Vision:

At Lanark Primary School and ELC, learning is at the heart of all we do. We strive to provide rich learning experiences that build confidence and self-belief. We foster a ‘can do’ attitude which enables everyone to reach their full potential.

We work in strong partnership with our parents and the wider community to ensure that all feel safe, included and valued within our school community…and beyond.

Our Aims:

These are:

to have a clear focus on learning and teaching

to provide high quality teaching of core skills (e.g. literacy, numeracy- including problem solving)

to provide real contexts for learning, including outdoor learning, and link learning to support pupils’ understanding of the world around them

to develop the key personal qualities of resilience, perseverance and a positive attitude to learning (being ‘ready to learn’)

to encourage skills for life, learning and work

Our Values

  • Good Manners
  • Learning
  • Working Hard
  • Teamwork
  • Active
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Trust and Honesty
  • Kindness