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LPS Book Club

As you may recall from last session, we operate a weekly Book Club that is run by a volunteer and former parent.

The Book Club involves children in the school and ELC bringing in 50p each week for three weeks. Once £1.50 has been saved*, children can choose from a wide range of books. Money is collected every Friday and we are delighted that it started again last week.

The Book Club allows children to purchase high quality books at a low price which encourages a love of reading; supports the cost of the school day; and promotes a habit of saving (for this reason we do ask that children do not bring any more than 50p in any one week so that they are saving towards their chosen book). If younger children who are taking part, could bring their money in a bag/envelope, purse or wallet, this would help. ELC learners can leave money in their tray and let the 'door' member of staff know. 

We will update the app to let you if the Book Club is not running on a Friday for any reason, so please assume if you do not hear from us, that it will be on.

Happy Reading!

Please remember this is not a compulsory initiative so there is no pressure to take part.*Any money saved towards the £1.50 last session will be carried over.

Lanimer Entry- Thursday 6th June, 2024

We are looking for an indication of numbers of pupils and adults who wish to take part in next year's Lanimer Entry- The Olympics!

Details will follow later in the year but in the meantime, please fill in the form if your child is going to be taking part by 31st October.

We have a strong turn out each year so let's keep this up for 2024! 

Lanimer Entry- Thursday 6th June, 2024


Equity- Cost of the School Day

As you may recall, we asked parents/carers to vote for how we would spend our Participatory Budget (around £2400) to help our children and families disadvantaged financially. The results of the vote shown above and have been combined with votes from staff and children to indicate the most ‘popular’ areas to spend the money on.

This session, the money will be shared between supporting low/no cost trips and on arranging and purchasing resources that can be used for extra-curricular activities.

Many thanks to Mrs Gracie for all her work on this.

Staffing Update- Retirement

I would like to announce the impending retirement of Ann Scott, our Cook-In-Charge, on Thursday 30th November. Ann has been working here at Lanark PS in the kitchen for an amazing 38 years and as a cleaner for the last 17 years too. 

I'm sure you will join me in wishing her well on her retirement where she will spend more time with her beloved husband Jimmy.

Happy Retirement Mrs Scott!

Equity- Reducing the ‘Cost of the School Day’

We know that those disadvantaged through poverty often struggle with living costs. This affects members from across our community. In order to support our children and you as parents/carers, we include the ‘Cost of the School Day’ as an item on each month’s newsletter. We will use this opportunity to share the range of support which is available to you.

This month, we would like to draw your attention to the good quality uniform and shoes still available on our Uniform Stands outside the Main Office.

Please help yourself- don't be shy!

Our Vision & Aims

Our Vision:

At Lanark Primary School and ELC, learning is at the heart of all we do. We strive to provide rich learning experiences that build confidence and self-belief. We foster a ‘can do’ attitude which enables everyone to reach their full potential.

We work in strong partnership with our parents and the wider community to ensure that all feel safe, included and valued within our school community…and beyond.

Our Aims:

These are:

to have a clear focus on learning and teaching

to provide high quality teaching of core skills (e.g. literacy, numeracy- including problem solving)

to provide real contexts for learning, including outdoor learning, and link learning to support pupils’ understanding of the world around them

to develop the key personal qualities of resilience, perseverance and a positive attitude to learning (being ‘ready to learn’)

to encourage skills for life, learning and work

Our Values

  • Good Manners
  • Learning
  • Working Hard
  • Teamwork
  • Active
  • Responsibility
  • Respect
  • Trust and Honesty
  • Kindness